Thursday, January 12, 2012

Short Scary Stories-Migraine bt Frank Potterstone

Short scary stories from yet another twisted mind, whether your having a sleep over, camping or just wanting to read a scary story that's not too long and you can read on your tablet or phone.

DR. Killdared is a very vane and callous man. and is overly obssessed with fame and fortune and every little thing that goes with it, even at the expense of unxpecting souls who just wanted to go out and have a wonderful night out on the town with their friends. But the good Doctor's Goals of finally recieving the Nobel Prize, and being able to rub it all his past colleuges faces out wieghed any morals he might of once had. But, he would need a partner in crime...who could he possibly get with less morals than him in such a short time?

Short Scary Stories-Migraine

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