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Cool Tie Dye Designs- Here are Todays Top Hippie Tattoo Designs

Editors Note: I have scoured the internet gathering up some great articles on some Cool Tie Dye Designs. Although, these are tattoo designs, they are very cool. I will be posting some of my personal video tutorials very soon. But for now, I hope these articles by various authors at Ezine Articles, should give you some insight to what the art of tie dye is all about. And how you can achieve some amazing results, and most importantly just have fun! after all that's what tie dye is all about, getting together with family & friends and throwing down a fun filled Tie Dye Party creating unique works of art.

Hippie Tattoos - Here Are Today's Top Hippie Tattoo Designs
By Mark S Myers

Hippie Tattoos are making a comeback today. If you are looking for creative, unique tattoos you may want to consider these top Hippie Tattoo designs and ideas.

Lest we forget the term, hippies refers to a group of youth during the 1960's who embraced a cultural lifestyle unlike any before. The hippie movement was born during a time of political unrest and rebellion. Protest marches, burning bras and flower power were all parts of this "make love not war" subculture.

Hippies rebelled against anything that represented established institutions. They were against the Vietnam War and their motto was to live a life of freedom, love and peace.

They set themselves apart in their look and they way they spoke.

Bellbottom jeans were the style, the more torn and frayed the better. Tie dye shirts were all the rage. They wore sandals at best, but preferred bare feet. Love beads, head bands, granny glasses, ankle bells, crocheted hats and belts were also parts of the lifestyle.

Hippie tattoos today represent all of that 60's culture and movement. Popular hippie tattoo designs today include: peace symbols, the peace hand gesture, yellow smiley face circles, tie dye psychedelic swirl designs, flowers (especially daisies), and butterflies.

Some people looking for unique hippy tattoos prefer slogans that were representative of that era. Some more popular hippie sayings that make great tattoos include:

Far out
Dig it
Make love not war
Flower Power
Give Peace a chance
Right On
Power to the people
Free love
Go with the flow
Without hope we have nothing
TTOW (that's the only way)
Flowers are a girls best friend

The inside of the wrist seems to be one of the most popular locations for hippie sayings to be tattooed. Other locations where these hippie quotes are being placed are on the lower regions of the back just above the hips.

You can take a look here if you would like to see some designs of great []hippie tattoos.

Article Source: Hippie Tattoos - Here Are Today's Top Hippie Tattoo Designs

Now go and create some of your very own unique and Cool Tie Dye Designs

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