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Cool Tie Dye Designs- 5 Folding Techniques to Make Patterns

Editors Note: I have scoured the internet gathering up some great articles on some Cool Tie Dye Designs. Although, these are written instructions, I will be posting some of my personal video tutorials very soon. But for now, I hope these articles by various authors at Ezine Articles, should give you some insight to what the art of tie dye is all about. And how you can achieve some amazing results, and most importantly just have fun! after all that's what tie dye is all about, getting together with family & friends and throwing down a fun filled Tie Dye Party creating unique works of art.

Tie Dye Techniques - 5 Folding Techniques to Make Patterns
By G. Smitty

Tie dye is a process involving dyeing of fabrics after tying them in various patterns to create designs on the material. The pattern in which you tie the fabric and the colors you choose are responsible for the final design. This is a superb way to turn your old t-shirts, skirts or pants into new garments. Once you learn tie-dye techniques, you can create various designs on fabric and have fun with colors.

The most common designs created include spirals, stripes and starbursts. However, if you practice further you will be able to make even hearts, ovals, rosettes and a variety of other items. It's like the more and more you practice, you will be able to create better designs. Basically the knots, rubber band/string positions and the twists of the fabric create the various patterns. The way you fold the fabric determines the patterns you will get on it. There are several folding techniques that will each give a different design. Here are some folding techniques:

1) Knot Tying: This is the basic method. You need to hold the garment from both ends and squeeze it like a rope. Then, you need to knot it tightly and fasten with strings or rubber bands. You can knot at several places depending on the design you wish to have. This fold will give you beautiful fine lines.

2) Spirals: Lay the material on a flat table. Using your thumb or a fork, press the place where you want the center of the spiral. Then, holding it firmly, rotate the garment and keep flattening the fabric. Get the loose ends within so that the garment becomes flat. Without disturbing the design, slide a few rubber bands such that they meet in the middle.

3) Tie Dye Circles: This is a very simple technique yet quite a dramatic one. Pick the fabric from where you want the centre of the circle. Using the other hand arrange even pleats around the centre. Leave the centre and tie the knots with strings at several places starting from the base. Ensure that the ties are very tight. If you tie more fabric, you get bigger circles. You can make several circles on the fabric.

4) Stripes: You can create stripes on the fabric horizontally, vertically, diagonally and uneven stripes. Mainly, you have to loosely roll the fabric like a tube. Then, you must tie with strings or rubber bands tightly at various intervals many times. This depends on how thick you want your stripes. You can even tie stripes of different measurements to get an uneven pattern.

5) Pleats: Among the various tie dye techniques this is perhaps the simplest one. The fabric has to be laid flat. Then using both your hands you must pinch it from both sides all the way up. After that you have to tie at different lengths. You can even move your hands unevenly or alternatively pinch more material from each hand to create different designs.

If possible, you should practice    tie dye techniques on small swatches of fabric before getting into proper garments. This way you will not waste any fabric and you can experiment as much as you wish on the swatches.

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Article Source:  Tie Dye Techniques - 5 Folding Techniques to Make Patterns

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