Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cool Tie Dye Designs-Bringing Out your Inner Hippie

Looking to create some of your very own cool tie dye designs? I warn you, once you get started it's a tough hobby to let go. Especially when you can almost tie dye just about anything under the sun. Such as: shirts, bed sheets, socks, skirts, tapestries, curtains the list just keeps growing. You are only lmited by your own imagination, when it comes to creating such wonderful and cool tie dye designs.

But before figuring out the patterns. You must first know exactly all the materials your going to need for your cool tie dye designs, so they come out looking as bright and dynamic as you have envisioned them to be. Materials needed: procion mx fiber reactive dyes, squeeze bottles, your garment, rubber bands or sinew cord, a good bin with a lid so your cool tie dye designs have a proper resting place, free from any type of cross contamination.

So once you have gathered up all the materials needed, you obviously have to learn how to use these materials. That's where this site comes in handy for you in creating some of your most treasured and very cool tie dye designs. You will be guided by my totally free tie dye instructional videos, as I make them.

As an added bonus...I will be teaching you a various amount of cool tie dye designs that you see are quite popular nowadays.You'll learn how to tie peace signs, pot leafs, hearts, aliens and a whole bunch more advanced stuff after a while, so be patient.

But for the time being, here are a few pics of some very awesomely cool tie dye designs you can ponder at to give you some of that needed inspiration to help guide you in making some of your first killer tie dye garments.

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